Cert IV Training and Assessment – What It Takes to Complete the Entire Course

The Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is known as the most prestigious vocational course here in Australia. Almost every Aussie is interested in enrolling, and we see an increase in enrollees each year. However, what does it indeed take for you fully complete the course? For the ones who are interested in TAE, this is a common question. That’s why in this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the requirements to complete the Cert IV Training and Assessment course.


Requirements for Completing TAE Course


To fully complete the Cert IV in TAE course, you’ll be required to accomplish ten competency units that are broken into four clusters within the MRWED Training and Assessment public course delivery curriculum. A student can effectively complete these courses in any order that will suit their schedule and preferences.



Schedule Your Cluster Structure


One of the most convenient ways to complete the Cert IV training and assessment course is to structure the ten courses according to your schedule. Simply choose your preferred dates for each of the four clusters in any MRWED TAE rooms and centres around Australia. As what most vocational students do, you can choose to focus on two clusters in the same week and then completing the other two groups in another week. You can do so a month later. If you need a bit of flexibility in your timetable, then you can make some necessary adjustments such as completing a single cluster of units at a time through a two-day training per month. Whatever you decide, the choice is yours! So, make sure you make the most out of it.


When you enrol, a letter will be sent to you indicating your acceptance into the programme. Details and the schedule of your classes will also be disclosed in the letter. Once you’re accepted, you can rest assured that there won’t be any unexpected setbacks because the MRWED TAE has a policy that never cancels an enrolment for any reason. So, when you get your letter, you’re in, and you can now get started on your training.



Enrol Now!


The Cert IV Training and Assessment course is regularly sold out, so once you have determined your course dates, we highly recommend that you get in quickly to secure your date preference. With that said, enrol now and take advantage of all the knowledge and skill you’ll acquire in the entire course.