What’s with the Digital Marketing Trend?

There is no doubt when it comes to the popularity and value of digital marketing. It is become a staple for every business out there, regardless of niche or industry, to use digital marketing for establishing an online presence and taking the brand to unprecedented levels. The fact that you are reading this post suggests that you already have a clue or two about it. However, you are looking at getting more information about Digital Marketing SA in the hope of taking advantage of it. There also are a few misconceptions we want to address, especially with the notion that some business owners aren’t using it the right way to keep up with competitors.


The term “digital marketing” is a rather broad term that covers several methods and strategies intended to promote products as well as services over the web. The word “digital” may also mean the use of modern electronic devices like that of mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and TVs. To understand what makes digital marketing unique, you first must distinguish it from traditional marketing. The former is comprised of campaigns which solely rely on digital channels, thereby allowing the marketer maximum control. It is a practical approach because of the benefit of data and tools readily available for use.


The truth is the idea of Digital Marketing SA these days involves the management of the five Ds. There is no way to fully understand the scope as well as the versatility of this form of marketing without learning those five elements, which in turn will provide the opportunity for a marketer like you and your target audience to interact.



1 – Digital Devices


Your target audience will know about your brand and eventually communicate with you via your business website through a network of digital devices. It is not that hard to identify these devices because we all use them in one way or another. The list includes that of smartphones, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles, desktop PCs, and many others.


2 – Digital Platforms


Aside from devices, online marketing also takes advantage of platforms from which interactions happen via apps and browsers. Some people call digital platforms like social media since it consists of the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.


3 – Digital Media


Some people might say that digital platforms and media are the same, but they have some differences. Digital media, for one, are those paid and earned communications channels designed for engaging audiences like that of email, messaging, social networks, search engines, and of course, advertising.


4 – Digital Data


Meanwhile, digital data refers to the insights that businesses like yours will need to collect, the purpose of which is to learn about your audience as well as their interactions with companies online. It is undoubtedly the most controversial aspect of digital marketing since there are proponents who think that personal data must be protected.


5 – Digital Technology


Digital technology is the youngest of the concepts of digital marketing, and it is intended for creating interactive experiences from websites as well as mobile apps.