Gift Ideas for Your Coffee-Loving Friend

Every circle has at least one coffee lover who never gets tired of bittersweet combinations. If your coffee-loving friend is celebrating a milestone in life soon, you may want to consider some of the best gifts that will melt your good friend’s “bitter” heart.


Customized Mug


Coffee lovers deserve a customized mug that reminds them of your friendship. You can consult with a designer to make the cup more personalized. You can also include a personalized mug holder that has your friend’s name on it.


Coffee Sets


Most coffee gift boxes come with three to four world-class coffee beans packaged according to the brand. For holiday packages, you can get a set that comes with chocolates.




Studies reveal that many coffee lovers prefer to prepare their own coffee blends. If your friend is someone who likes to make home-made coffee mixtures, you can prepare a variety of coffee bean packs or just that one brand that your friend adores. Sometimes, less is more.


Coffee Brewer


Since we’re already at it, you may want to give a pricier but more long-lasting gift to a coffee-addict friend who is getting married or graduating with a PhD. For a wide range of brewers, you can check out – coffee machines where you will find top-quality brands that offer year-long warranties.


Espresso Maker


If you are also a coffee lover like your friend, but you don’t like doing all the hard work that comes with creating all types of coffee beverages, you might as well get an Espresso maker and give it to your pal who doesn’t mind the labour. There are various types of Espresso machines at – coffee machines that you can choose from. In fact, you should take your friend with you when you make the purchase. You can just drop by your good friend’s house anytime and have a cup of Espresso or frappuccino.


Express Coffee Maker


For your on-the-go friend who wants every chance to have coffee but just doesn’t find the time to make some, you should gift him or her with an express coffee maker that fits inside big bags and easy to wash.


Coffee Thermos


While your friend may already have a whole set of coffee tumblers, why not add another one to the bandwagon? Many coffee-loving office workers collect all sorts of accessories that have anything to do with bittersweet drinks.



Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, graduation, a new business, or a friendly anniversary, you can find a variety of gifts to give to friends or relatives who can’t get enough of one coffee cup. Be creative while you make a list of potential gifts. Think about your friend’s hobbies, personality, favourite colours, and the like. The list will help you pinpoint which item the receiver will appreciate the most.